“If you know you know.”

“We are a private studio specializing in all mens’ grooming. Particularly in traditional styles, fades of all hair textures, beards, designs, and razor work. ”

What We Offer

These price increases will be effective on August 1st, 2023

Skin fade/taper – $70

Any fade, any texture, any time

Regular haircut – $50

The basics

Kid’s skin fade/taper- $60

Any fade for 12 yr and under

Beard work- $40

Trimming or lining up facial hair

Haircut& beard – $80

basic haircut w/ any facial hair

Buzz& beard – $55

One size all overhead w/ facial hair

Regular kid’s haircut – $45

12 yr and under

Senior haircut – $45

60yr and up

Skin fade/taper & beard- $95

Any fade w/ any facial hair

Large design – $40

Any logos/ bigger, more difficult ideas

Buzz – $35

one size all over, this is not a fade

I’ve been going to Jovian for years and he’s the best barber I’ve ever had. Super nice and humble dude who is skilled at his craft. So glad he opened his own place—book now and get in there! Not a far ride from the city for those who used to visit him at Alberta.

– mpaul4ever10-

Happy to have found Jovian again after moving away from the area for a couple of years. Needed to go back to somebody that cuts hair with style and this is the place. His work is great, a great haircut artist!Can’t go back to anyone else. His place is great as well, really welcoming.

– Lui Harison –

Jovian has been cutting my hair for a while now and he is easily the best barber I’ve ever had. You need the best fade you’ll ever get? he’s got you. Need to just get trimmed up? He’s got you. Need a totally new style? Of course he has got it. On top of him being a great barber and a really nice guy his new spot is dope. Super cozy and comfortable. Big screen to watch sports while you get lined up, beer and drinks. Comfy chair, anything you could need. Book here and never look for another barber.

– Rafayel Kim –

Our Location

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2130 SE Oak Grove Blvd,
Oak Grove, 97267

Open Hours

Tuesday- Friday: 9 am – 6pm
Saturday – : 8am – 4pm
Monday – Sunday: Closed